Sarah True


I'm a freelance writer interested in healthcare policy and access issues impacting underserved populations. I work with journalistically-minded publications to produce feature stories and shorter pieces focusing on what happens at the intersection of healthcare delivery and health policy and how this affects real people.

I strive to illuminate health and socioeconomic disparities experienced by people of color and low income and other marginalized groups, and how these are either precipitated or alleviated by health policy decisions.

I have a medical social work and health policy research background. I was employed as a medical social worker in community healthcare and in a large healthcare system, and later worked as a health policy researcher at a highly regarded DC think tank. This experience has given me an "insider" perspective, and the accompanying knowledge base, that enables me to talk to the right people, ask the right questions, and craft a compelling, thoughtfully researched and reported story.

I also hold Master's degrees in Social Work and Public Health, which means that I'm well-versed in structural inequalities impacting underprivileged populations, and can readily translate health and social science research jargon into concise, informative prose accessible to lay and professional audiences.


  • Reported journalism

  • Communications work for NGOs or think tanks

  • Policy briefs

  • Case studies

  • Copy & content editing

  • Fact-checking